6th International Integrity &
Plagiarism Conference

Promoting authentic assessment

16th - 18th June 2014

The Sage Gateshead | UK

The 6IIPC Conference
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Plagiarism, Power & Jayson Blair

The sensational story of disgraced New York Times journalist Jayson Blair will be told at this year’s international plagiarism conference. Blair caused scandal at the newspaper in 2003 when he was discovered to have plagiarised the work of other reporters.

Extracts from documentary ‘A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair’ will be screened at the 6IIPC in June. The film’s director Samantha Grant will feature as a keynote speaker and will introduce the clips.

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6th International Integrity & Plagiarism Conference

We are delighted to launch the 6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference. The 2014 event will build on the conference's reputation as a forum for best practice, bringing together global expertise and experience.

The 6IIPC will seek to promote the importance of academic integrity as a way of life and reinforce the relevance of academic skills in the real world, where these values should be rewarded, applauded and celebrated.

We hope you can join us.


The Plagiarism Advice Team


Our keynote speakers

Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics, Duke University, USA (via video link).
Director, Academic Integrity Office, Lecturer, Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego, USA
Filmmaker, journalist and educator. Director of A Fragile Trust
Education Organiser,
Wikimedia, UK.
Solicitor and Head of Legal Services, University of Leeds, UK.

2012 conference highlights

The 2012 conference attracted internationally-renowned keynote speakers including Dr Tara Brabazon, formerly Head of Photography and Creative Media at the University of Bolton, Dr Tracey Bretag, Director of the Global Experience Program at the University of South Australia and Harvard cyberlaw scholar, Professor Jonathan Zittrain. You can view their thought-provoking presentations here.

Jonathan Zittrain

Tara Brabazon

Tracey Bretag

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